Very large diseased Ash.

This is a very large Ash tree which died very quickly possibly due to the proximity of road salt affecting the soil water relations in the root zone, high concentrations of sodium possibly causing some form of ex-osmosis, i.e the tree experienced severe drought, followed by rapid death. Unfortunately this caused the brown staining in the butt which also decreased the value of the timber quite drastically.

Skyline finally arrives.

This is us taking delivery of our new (second hand) recently referbished Skyline. This machine will allow us to extract timber from sites either formerly inaccessable or difficult to work on with our skidder and forwarder operation, usually due to steep hillsides. This machine works like an aerial winch system. The tower on the machine […]

Thinning in Lanthwaite wood, Buttermere.

Firewood!! Extraction route 1. The cutters. Our latest job site is back over in Buttermere thinning Hemlock and mixed hardwoods. It is quite a popular area for walkers (as usual) so public safety comes first and foremost but can result in the job taking abit longer than it would usually. We have all been made […]

Todays ‘deer photography event’.

Can you spot the odd one out? Should probably explain abit about these deer photography events I have been running. Anyone can book onto these events via the Trust internet site You will then be driven around the Borrowdale Valley where you will hopefully get to see and take photographs of these wonderful creatures. […]

Annual tree safety.

Here are a few photos of us going about the annual tree safety we undertake every winter. This work can range from the fairly easy small trees, as shown in this gallery, to huge mature trees in awkward places where we will need to use lowering equipment to prevent damage to property whilst managing traffic […]

Airstrike ordered on Burtness.

Whilst the forestry team clear the Burtness site of brash to finish phase one of the Spruce Clearfell, it looks as though the forest ranger has ordered an airstrike to try and speed up the process.
The site does look like a battle field now but before long it will be fenced and replanted with some native broadleaves (no doomed Ash though) and will be restored to a diverse, natural woodland. However we will be starting phase 2 further up the hill before spring, so battle will recommence. A merry christmas and a happy new year to all our visitors from the north lakes forestry team, and thanks for your support.

“A Team” style upgrade.

Snorkel fitted to provide access across deep water.

Snorkel fitted to provide access across deep water.

This is a Beauty

What a Beauty

What a Beauty

Beast of Borrowdale?

During the recent phase of the full moon strange wolf like howls have been heard around the Borrowdale valley. This morning whilst checking one of our trail cameras, which we use to monitor deer movements in certain areas of woodland, this shocking picture of a vicious creature attacking the camera cropped up. The deer have been unusually jumpy this week but no sightings of wounded/dead animals have been recorded. Could it be that this is some new breed of highly ferocious vegetarian wolf.