Archive | July 2012

Who are the axemen?

We are the National Trust foresters in the northern Lake District valleys.  We’ve started this blog because although we spend most of our time outdoors, we’re always surrounded by signs that say “Forestry Work – keep away” so we don’t get much chance to talk to people.

Two foresters working in beck

Enjoying tree safety at Buttermere.

Foresters are often misunderstood.  Rarely glimpsed as we travel between different woodland sites, often leaving a bit of a mess behind us, sometimes it’s hard to explain just how important our work is.  So our bosses told us to stop talking to the pixies and start spreading the word about what we do.

We’ll be using this blog to post photos (maybe videos once we’ve found out where to put the petrol) of the forestry work we do and explain why we’re doing it and how it helps keep the woodlands healthy for people and wildlife, whilst making a bit of much-needed money for the National Trust charity.