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Do you recognise this face?

The A-Team are appealing for any sightings, or to anyone who witnessed a horrific attack at the exit to Great Wood, Borrowdale ,Keswick.
Whilst the team were undertaking some heroic removal of some pesky roadside tree regeneration, Steve the apprentice forester, in his own words was brutally maimed by an 8 foot wood wasp called Peter.
Steve was dutifly manning one of the ‘stop go boards’ and keeping the traffic of Keswick safe when he was approached by ‘Peter’. Upon asking Peter to stop (as traffic was being allowed thru from the opposite direction) Steve was attacked and was then seen running around his traffic cone screaming obsenities, Peter then flew away unhurt. Please could anyone with information contact us, as none of us saw this 8 foot wood wasp, and hopefully we will be able to bring him to justice.


NT Axemen Keswick bus service

The National Trust axemen are now offering a bus service from Keswick, up the Borrowdale valley, onto Lisbon overnight, then Tibet for breakfast and back via Amsterdam (for Steves 21st). Booking essential, bus leaves June 2013.

We are a very diverse team and can even turn our hand to farming. This is us leaping to the rescue of some lost hiefers and bullocks who were on their way into keswick to do some shopping!! We really are super heroes.

Meet the A-team

Left to right: Anthony Pepper(forester), Bob Morland(forester), Steven Rigg(Apprentice Forester) and Thomas Harrington (Senior Forester). Anthony,Bob and Thomas were all part time stuntmen and part time airline mechanics, Steven was the next David Beckham. We were all stunned to find there was a job that outshone all these career paths and even more stunned when we each got employed by the Trust!! If you have a woodland that needs help and if you can find them, maybe you could hire the A-Team.