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The Littlest Hobo’s Visit

Me and The Littlest Hobo.


The team was paid a visit by the famous Littlest Hobo terrier the other day, who is famed for his life saving skills and helpful advice.  On his arrival to our current site on the shores of Buttermere, where we are clearfelling 3 hectares of 60 year old Spruce, he first paid Anthony a visit on the forwarder, and imparted his expierience of forwarding timber ranging from the second world war through to present day in Kielder.

  He then on his way through to me (Thomas), pointed out all the archeology on site and saved a coach load of children from falling into an old toffee mine.  We were all briefed on this mine by Mark Astley (Valley Ranger) who confidentely informed us that this mine was historically mined by giant wood wasps, which put Steven on edge from day one. Upon the Hobo’s arrival to where I was converting the felled and skidded trees I stopped work, as per the site risk assessment of any unauthorised person entering the work area, where he chatted to me about the future of this site. He was all in favour of the National Trust’s plan to restock the area with native broadleaves and the erection of a  stock fence which would enable the young trees to grow and allow some natural regeneration to occur.

He then went on his way to make some more friends, impart some more valuable knowledge and most importantly keep people safe, which incidentely is what we try to do every day too.