Archive | November 2012

Beast of Borrowdale?

During the recent phase of the full moon strange wolf like howls have been heard around the Borrowdale valley. This morning whilst checking one of our trail cameras, which we use to monitor deer movements in certain areas of woodland, this shocking picture of a vicious creature attacking the camera cropped up. The deer have been unusually jumpy this week but no sightings of wounded/dead animals have been recorded. Could it be that this is some new breed of highly ferocious vegetarian wolf.

Another successfull deer photography event.

Another group of wouldbe photographers had an enjoyable morning with Thomas, being taken around the Borrowdale valley to various deer hotspots. Book now to reserve your place for next year.

New technology boosts output.

The clearfell at Burtness is flying on thanks to the arrival of some of the latest technology known to forestry.