Thinning in Lanthwaite wood, Buttermere.


Extraction route 1.
Extraction route 1.

"The cutters"
The cutters.

Our latest job site is back over in Buttermere thinning Hemlock and mixed hardwoods. It is quite a popular area for walkers (as usual) so public safety comes first and foremost but can result in the job taking abit longer than it would usually.
We have all been made aware of the archaeology on site. Apparentely theres a mine shaft which “could be 5 feet deep or it could be 5000 feet deep, nobody knows”, so Stephen has been told to keep the lights, on the skidder tractor, switched on and keep his bait box handy incase he disappears for a while. We have been told to keep our eyes peeled for “slag and klinker” as well, whoever they are!
The reason for thinning this woodland is to allow more light on to the woodland floor so natural regeneration can occur, which will boost the diversity of the woodland allowing more lichens, mosses, wild flowers and of course tree saplings to grow which will then encourage more wildlife to enter the woodland, from the tiniest single cell organism to roe deer.


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It's not all about axes. There are three foresters plus one apprentice in the North Lakes. Our names are Thomas, Bob, Anthony and Steven. We cover Ullswater, Borrowdale and Buttermere. We're the ones who go out into 1000 hectares of National Trust woodlands in these valleys and make sure they're healthy and safe.

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